Honeyguide Media, a nonprofit media organization, is reinventing journalism about social issues like education, health, and sustainability. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to tell compelling, nuanced stories about under-reported social issues that inspire constructive dialogue and positive social impact. 

Our stories are designed to be accessible to a general audience and to help people gain fresh perspectives—and drive people and institutions to seek solutions to urgent social issues. In other words, we tell stories that are nuanced, diverse, experimental, dignifying, and always jargon-free. And we do so with an eye to making the world a more just place. 

Our organization is named after the East African honeyguide bird, which is best known for communicating with humans and “guiding” them to bee colonies. Once the nest is open and humans take some honey, the bird snacks on the wax left behind. Like the bird, Honeyguide Media hopes to live symbiotically within and positively impact the world around it. Journalism doesn’t live in a vacuum; real lives, policies, and decisions are impacted everyday by the stories the media chooses to tell.