Illustration by Marina Muun for BRIGHT.

Illustration by Marina Muun for BRIGHT.

The Beliefs that guide Honeyguide

We believe many of today’s social problems stem, in part, from flawed perception. For instance, many taxpayers are reluctant to help the poor because of one-dimensional myths they hold about low-income communities. 

We believe that new ideas can change how people see the world.

We believe bringing new voices and perspectives to the table, especially those who are often overlooked in traditional media, can result in more empathy and compassion.

We believe that journalism has two theories of change. The first, which is more commonly found in mainstream media, is that exposing wrongdoing will cause broader social and political change. The second, which Honeyguide hopes to further popularize, is that showing the world someone (or place) doing something well can offer teachable lessons to others.

We believe constructive dialogue is possible, even in today’s seemingly toxic environment.