Honeyguide Media is reinventing storytelling about the social issues that matter most. Our flagship product is BRIGHT Magazine. We also run live interactive storytelling events and cultivate online community rooted in curiosity and empathy. 


About Bright Magazine

BRIGHT Magazine tells fresh stories about health, education, and social impact. We cut the jargon, avoid tired tropes about international development, and bring panache, creativity, and a solutions-oriented mindset to our work. 

Our magazine follows five core principles:

  1. Solutions orientation: A significant portion of our feature stories use the solutions journalism lens: “rigorous reporting about how people are responding to problems.”
  2. Diversity of contributors: We strive to have contributors who represent a mix of demographics (e.g., gender, race, geography, age, socio-economic status).
  3. Experimentation of story telling format: Not all great stories are told in a 1500-word format. We strive for a range of multimedia formats, such as comics, photo essays, and infographics.
  4. Emphasis on conversations: We hope to maintain a conversational element throughout our publications. We take pride and have found success in pieces that are deliberately provocative, sparking conversations rooted in serious debates.
  5. No jargon: We do not use unnecessary jargon and believe strongly in making social issues approachable for all curious audiences.